Rights to YOURS, MARGOT pre-empted in Denmark!

An incredible buzz is going on about Meri Valkama’s celebrated debut YOURS, MARGOT. Publishers Gutkind in Denmark was quick to secure the rights.

“YOURS, MARGOT has so many ingredients that we crave as both common readers and as publishers: A strong narrative drive, credible and fascinating characters and an interesting setting. This is a novel we believe has the potential to reach out to a broad readership – to readers of historical fiction that want to learn something new about a specific time and place and to readers who simply want to be entertained by an exciting story about people they get to care about. – – Valkama´s novel comes across as an elegantly multilayered and well written story, that fully deserves the wonderful Best Debut of The Year Prize.” – Hilde Rød-Larsen, editor, Gutkind