Roope Lipasti shortlisted for the Arvid Lydecken Prize with CHILDREN OF THE CITY IN RUINS!

The nominees for the Arvid Lydecken Prize 2024 have been selected from children’s books published in 2023. We are thrilled to announce that Roope Lipasti is shortlisted with his novel CHILDREN OF THE CITY IN RUINS, the enthralling sequel to the ‘Runeberg Junior Prize’ winning historical adventure ‘Children of the Burning City’! Heartfelt congratulations!
The Arvid Lydecken Prize is granted for the best children’s book. Five works are shortlisted and the award is presented by the ‘Finnish Association of Children’s and YA Literature’. The award ceremony takes place in January 2024.
The Jury’s statement:
Roope Lipasti crafts an enthralling historical narrative that vividly resurrects the past of our ancient capital. Skilfully interweaving reality and imagination in his adventure, Lipasti transports us to the aftermath of the Turku fire, where people strive to rebuild and endure the winter. Amidst adversity, children carve out time for exploration, and to unravel the fate of stolen treasures. The novel illustrates the strength found in community and sharing, as well as the boundless resilience of children in the face of adversity.