Siiri Enoranta is the Winner of the Finlandia Prize for the Best Children’s/YA Title of 2018!

Siiri Enoranta received Finland’s most prestigious literary accolade, the Finlandia Prize, for THE CHARRED CHILDREN (Tuhatkuolevan kirous, WSOY).

“It is the children’s and YA literature that manages to give the most accurate description of our times; its phenomena, its pressure points; and also of our future, describing things that have not been spoken of before. Today’s winner also does this.
The winning title bravely tells a great, international level story that grips you from the first page.
The winning novel creates a world that is most imaginative but one that inspires its readers to reflect on the most burning issues in our world. Questions about the future of the environment, the individual’s responsibility, gender roles, the difficulty of love, violence, the time after truth, right and wrong, the good and bad.
And as in the best books, these questions remain with you for a long time after reading.

The winner’s result has been recorded: it is 6/5. It wins the Finlandia Prize today. Congratulations The Charred Children and Siiri Enoranta!”

– Riku Rantala, upon announcing the Finlandia Prize Winner for the Best Children’s/YA Title of 2018