Siiri Enoranta

Siiri Enoranta (b.1987) debuted in 2009 with a youth novel “Monarch of the Omenmea” which was promptly nominated for the coveted Finlandia Junior Award. Her second title “A Broken Child Sleeps” was awarded the Tampere City Literary Award in 2011 and her move into the adult fiction in her third title “The Death of Giselle” was duly noted with a nomination for the highly-acclaimed Runeberg Award in 2012. Sweet Haven of Nightmares was nominated for the Kuvastaja Award in 2012 and Nokkosvallankumous was awarded the Tampere City Literary Award in 2013 as well as nominated for Topelius Prize and for Kuvastaja Award. In 2015 her novel The Sorrow-deer Tamer won the Topelius Prize and it was shortlisted for the Finlandia Award as well as the Finnish Literary Export Prize. Siiri’s 2018 title The Charred Children is shortlisted for the prestigious Finlandia Award for the Best Children’s/YA title of the Year – the winner is announced 28th November 2018.


Praise for Enoranta’s work

“Combines prose and fantasy in a charming way.” – Board of Tampere City Literary Awards

“Enoranta’s language is beautifully poetic. Worn metaphors have been replaced with a fresh set of natural sentences. Enoranta’s third work is further proof of the young writer’s skills as a storyteller.” – Aamulehti

“Giselle’s death is an atmospheric, dramatic book.” – Kirjavinkit

“Her language is at the same time poetic and heavy. Images engage the language and phrases repeat themselves on purpose … Enorannan sentences foreshadow the evil that will soon take place.” – Lumooja

“Brings brand new elements into the field of fantasy.” – Kansan uutiset



Monarch of the Omenmea (Omenmean vallanhaltija, Robustos, 2009)
A Broken Child Sleeps (Nukkuu lapsi viallinen, Robustos, 2010)
The Death of Giselle (Gisellen kuolema, Robustos, 2011)
Sweet Haven of Nightmares (Painajaisten lintukoto, WSOY, 2012)
Nokkosvallankumous, WSOY, 2013
The Tamer of Sorrow-Deer (Surunhauras, lasinterävä WSOY 2015)
The Charred Children (Tuhatkuolevan kirous, WSOY 2018)