Siiri Enoranta shortlisted for the Finlandia Award for the Best Children’s/YA title of 2018

Bonnier Rights is thrilled to announce that The Charred Children (Tuhatkuolevan kirous, WSOY 2018) by Siiri Enoranta has been shortlisted for the most prestigious Finlandia Award for the best Children’s and/or YA title of 2018! Congratulations to the extremely talented Siiri Enoranta, we are so proud to represent the rights to her work!


The Charred Children by Siiri Enoranta is both a staggering fantasy adventure, and a perceptive account of the fear of the unknown and prejudices of people – of the difficulty of discerning between right and wrong.

“The Charred Children is suitable reading for both young and adults. It and softness with an edge and strong themes. – Elina Keinänen, Aamulehti

“A candid book that handles issues such as being different and dying. A reader gets to fear for Pau’s life, and worthy and wise notions surface during this adventure. Pau learns to relinquish the uncertainties about her skills and looks as she realises that she is capable of greatness.” –Demi

“The Charred Children by Siiri Enoranta is the most excellent Finnish fantasy that stands out, in the most positive way, from the ranks of other fantasy titles.” – Venla Lepänaho, Lukufiilis.