Jukka Behm

Jukka Behm (b. 1973) is an award-winning Finnish writer. “Bunny Girl” (Pehmolelutyttö, WSOY, 2017), Behm’s first YA novel, was his entry to the winner of the major Finnish publisher WSOY’s writing competition aimed at finding a great new voice in YA literature.  Upon their publication, both “Bunny Girl”, and Behm’s second YA title “Wonderboy”(Ihmepoika Leon, Tammi, 2023), were promptly shortlisted for the prestigious Finlandia C&YA Literary Prize in 2017 and 2023. The Topelius Prize winning novel “Wonderboy” is the first book in a trilogy about Leon Brown, a young football prodigy. Leon’s story shall continue in 2024 in “Angel’s Fist” (Enkelin nyrkki, Tammi, 2024), and the story comes to a close with the yet untitled third book in 2025.

Jukka Behm has also written several novels, short stories and non-fiction titles. His debut novel “Dr. Mumbai” (Tammi, 2007) won the 2007 Bonnier Nordic novel writing competition and has been translated into Swedish and Norwegian. In 2019 Behm was awarded City of Kouvola Culture Prize for his versatile literary work. In addition to his writing career, Behm plays indoor hockey and runs a restaurant called El Mundo – the most international and craziest place in Behm´s hometown Kouvola.