Marisha Rasi-Koskinen

Author Marisha Rasi-Koskinen (b. 1975) has a Master’s degree in Psychology. Before beccoming a full-time author, Rasi-Koskinen worked as a school psychologist and in a child health centre. Rasi-Koskinen has also volunteered at various crisis centres, providing patients with psychological support, guidance and signposting, and she used to work at a Czech hospice.

In addition to their rich and delicate narration, Marisha Rasi-Koskinen’s works are characterized by an extraordinary depiction of the inner worlds, ambiguity and social acumen. Rasi-Koskinen’s 2011 debut novel Katariina received praise for its powerful language and the way its narrative enables multiple interpretations. Her second novel, Lies, was awarded the Tiiliskivi Prize, and the jury praised the ingenious structure of the novel. The Map of Going Astray, which was published in 2017, sold foreign rights to Galicia and Spain. Finally, her 2019 crossover novel The Dark Side of the Sun won the Finlandia Junior Prize.

‘There is no doubt about it: Marisha Rasi-Koskinen knows how to write a riveting story. Her writing is cleverly paced and offers a perfect number of twists-and-turns, even few unexpected surprises.’
Helsingin Sanomat daily newspaper

Awards and nominations

2021 Runeberg Prize
2019 Finlandia C&YA Prize
2018 City of Tampere Literary Prize
2015 Nominated for the Runeberg Prize
2014 City of Tampere Literary Prize
2013 Tiiliskivi Prize