Timo Parvela
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Guardians of the Sampo 2: Tiera

Sammon vartijat 2: Tiera

After having lost their first batttle, the battered band of the Guardians of the Sampo make their way northwards. One of the shards of the Sampo that Väinämöinen has hidden is still missing, and the race is on to recover it. The stakes are high: whoever finds it first will rule the world. The journey is a perilous one, as Louhi’s lackeys are nipping at the party’s heels. The little band nevertheless receives a surprising reinforcement: Tiera, a skilled and loyal soldier.

Things aren’t made any easier by the fact that Ilmari’s best friend Ahti is still being held prisoner in Tuonela, the land of the dead, by the wicked enchantress Loviatar. To save him, the band must face the greatest of sages, the terrifying Antero Vipunen…



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Guardians of the Sampo 2: Tiera
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