Timo Parvela
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Guardians of the Sampo 3: The Witch of the North

Sammon vartijat 3: Louhi

The party seeks out the mystical, hidden realm of the north: Pohjola. Their mission is to destroy the Sampo, the wondrous machine that the witch of the Pohjola is constructing to claim all of the world’s wealth and natural resources for herself. The brave band knows that in order to reach Pohjola, they must cross the river of fire, pass by the giant eagle, wolf, and bear that guard it, as well as scale an iron fence that reaches up to the heavens. But where does this hidden kingdom of frost exist?

The third book in the trilogy peels back the surface of the earth, revealing a cave in the depths of which lies the Sampo, which blows away the adventurers – and readers, too.



Guardians of the Sampo 1: Fireblade
Guardians of the Sampo 2: Tiera
Guardians of the Sampo 3: The Witch of the North


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