Satu Rämö
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250 pages



A fresh, new voice in Nordic Noir

A cold case crime and dark secrets of a close-knit community intertwine in this bracing crime novel with a twist.

Everyone does their best to survive amidst the freezing fjords of remote Iceland. Hildur Rúnarsdottir is no different as she takes to surfing in the icy waters of the Atlantic to try and forget her traumatic childhood and the burden of the cases occupying her mind as head of the missing children’s unit of the Ísafjörður police.

When Jakob Johanson, a Finnish police trainee with a knitting hobby arrives in Iceland to work alongside Hildur and try to escape his own, complicated life back at home, soon he, too, realises that the picturesque fjords also harbour their dark sides in the marginalized, exploitative, and power-hungry who dwell in their midst. Hildur and Jakob find themselves investigating a strange tangle of crimes as the fog obscuring secrets that have been in the dark for decades gradually begins to lift. Revenge may be sweet in theory, but will it solve anything in the end?

With a unique blend of Finnish and Icelandic sensibility, HILDUR launches a refreshing voice in the Nordic Noir tradition with a pinch of folkloric mysticism that is a must-read for fans of Maria Adolfsson’s Doggerland series or Arnaldur Indriðason’s atmospheric Erlendur series.