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Tell It Like It Is: A Nordic Guide to Sex Education

Oikeilla nimillä

A frank, no-nonsense sex education guide for parents by the bestselling author of The Big O: The Scandinavian Guide to Female Pleasure.

If your children aren’t learning about sex from you, then who are they learning from? This much-needed sex education book provides essential guidance on establishing a healthy relationship with sex, giving you the tools you need to talk openly with your children about the real life issues they’re likely to come up against.

Nowadays children are younger than ever when they learn about sex and, in the world of smartphones, they’re expected to navigate the world of sexting and pornography from a young age. In the modern world, teaching children the birds and the bees no longer cuts it.

The Nordics are known for their openness when it comes to both sex education and parenting. In this approachable and informative book, renowned Finnish sexual therapist Marja Kihlström offers up modern psychological and practical advice for parents when it comes to talking about sex with their children: from how to approach conversations about gender and sexual orientation, body image and adolescence, sexual health and pregnancy to advice on navigating the mass of misinformation about sex online.

In addition to the author’s own advice, readers get the chance to gain insight into real life problems experienced by other parents, how sex education has changed over the years, and how adjusting your own attitude can help your children develop a healthy attitude towards sex and sexuality.

Marja Kihlström (b. 1986) is a NACS‐qualified sexual therapist with her own practice in Helsinki, Finland. Kihlström has a well‐established media platform boasting thousands of readers and followers. Over the past four years, she has reached a significant audience through her blog, a weekly podcast, and hosting the TV series Sex Tapes Finland, which is broadcast on major Finnish TV network Nelonen.


The Big O: The Scandinavian Guide to Female Pleasure, 2018
The Big O Workbook, 2019


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“This book is so important because sex education hasn’t been particularly inclusive thus far. Nowadays many children learn about sex not from their parents or their schoolteachers, but from pornography and other children, and the information they’re receiving is often not entirely correct.” — Ilta lehti newspaper

“This is a book that’s suitable for everyone—parents and grandparents alike.” — Anna magazine

“This is such a good book that I would recommend it to anyone who is in contact with children in any way… If children have the right vocabulary and a better understanding of sex and sexuality, then danger is easier for them to identify and they have the ability to understand and communicate effectively when their own boundaries are violated.” — Kirjavinkit literary blog

“Marja’s voice is kind, understanding, and open. I anticipate great things for this book.” — But I’m a Human not a Sandwich literary blog

Tell It Like It Is offers readers a modern sex education guide for the age of smart phones… Nowadays children learn about sex earlier than ever before and, in the age of smartphones, it’s impossible to avoid pornography. Tell It Like It Is is the first sex education guide of its kind; it offers advice on navigating the extraordinary amount of misinformation we have access to today.” — Kultuuritahdet literary blog

“Marja Kihlström’s Tell It Like It Is is a long-awaited treasure… The book is wonderfully wise on the topic of setting the limits of your own body. Children also have the right to set their own boundaries and they don’t have to cuddle up to loved ones or sit on Santa’s lap if they don’t feel comfortable doing so. Body language is another topic that this book deals with well. Do not criticise your own body, your child’s body, or a television presenter’s body, but rather say that all bodies are different and respect them all the same. Tell It Like It Is encourages readers not to be ashamed of their own bodies. The best part of the book is where Marja answers questions posed by children… I would highly recommend this book to anyone who deals with children.” — Pinkkiä piiperrystä literary blog