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The Masters of Illusion


A magical adventure set in Victorian London.

In the final installment of the Illusionist trilogy, magician Tom and his beloved Mina come face to face with their most dangerous enemies, who come from another time.

Tom and Mina’s names look good next to each other on the poster for an upcoming magic show. Behind the stage curtain, Mina wonders whether she will ever be able to love Tom or whether they are destined to be nothing more than friends. A trip to London offers old world adventures. Tom delves into a riddle that is tied up to his own past. One particular chain of events triggers him and, as a result, an old enemy gets back in touch.

For the last time Tom and Mina join forces for battle, along with the trusty Tin Soldier, Tom’s mechanical lookalike.


The Illusionist and the Thief, 2018
The Conman’s Apprentice, 2019
The Masters of Illusion, 2020

Prizes, nominations

2021, nominated for the Junior Young Aleksis Prize


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“The book has a skilfully constructed plot, an addictive love story, fun side characters and a mystical, slightly gloomy world that combines elements from different genres. It has everything I like: magic, theatre, circus and history. With a heavy dose of science fiction.” Unelmien aika blog

“The Masters of Illusion is stunningly good.” Kirsin kirjanurkka blog

“A perfect end to a fantastic series! (…) In my opinion, The Masters of Illusion is the absolute crown jewel of the series, deserving of all possible recognition and glory. As a whole, the series is incredible. If only there were a prize for book series, that’s what this trilogy really deserves!” – Bibbidy Bobbidy Book literary blog

“I enjoyed The Illusionist and the Thief, but The Conman’s Apprentice truly dazzled me – I’m expecting great things from the third book in the trilogy!” Kirsin kirjanurkka blog 

“Anniina Mikama’s The Masters of Illusion, which concludes the Illusionist trilogy, is an intoxicating and exciting dive into late 19th century London. The story, which has been established in the last two books, reaches brand new heights in this book: it’s un-put-downable, especially in the second half… Mikama has the ability to create loveable characters and intricate plot twists. The Masters of Illusion reaches an even more masterful narrative than the trilogy’s earlier instalments.” — Maaseudun tulevaisuus blog