PET AGENTS titles 3, 4 and 5 sold to Ridna Mova in Ukraine!

The PET AGENTS strike again! Ukranian publisher Ridna Mova has acquired the rights to titles 4, 5, and 6 of this bestselling middle-grade series written and illustrated by Riina & Sami Kaarla. PET AGENTS have already sold to seven territories in multi-title deals.

In PET AGENTS 4: Lost in the Game, Kati-e and Ti-bot venture out into the virtual world, seeking a lost dinosaur!

In PET AGENTS 5: In Deep Water, Kati-e has waterproofed Ti-Bot, and their help is needed on an underwater marine research vessel!

In PET AGENTS 6, Snowed in (to be published in March 2022), a snow storm stops the Pet Agents from getting home, but that’s no such a bad thing as they are unexpectedly called upon to help solve a mystery! This sixth title has been co-written by Anders Vacklin.

Author portrait © Tammi/Johanna Harkkila