Siiri Enoranta wins Young Aleksis Prize with YA novel DAUGHTERS OF THE WORLD!

Siiri Enoranta won this year’s Young Aleksis Prize with her stunning YA utopia DAUGHTERS OF THE WORLD (Maailmantyttäret, WSOY 2022)!

The Young Aleksis Prize is an annual literary prize. The winner is chosen by a jury of secondary school students assembled by the Union of Finnish teachers and is awarded to the best domestic YA fiction book published in the previous year.

“Siiri Enoranta’s Daughters of the World is an empowering novel about finding hope, making friends, and respecting others, and the world. Five girls from different backgrounds embark on a journey to solve a mystery but end up discovering themselves and each other.The work inspires action by presenting different visions of the future and challenges the current consumer lifestyle. The book skillfully blends utopia and dystopia. We believe every young person, or even adults, should read this book to best understand its important message.” – Statement of the Young Aleksis Prize Jury