Siiri Enoranta

Siiri Enoranta (b.1987) is highly awarded author of YA/Crossover fiction. She is counted among the main torchbearers of Finnish literature of today. Enoranta’s imagination and storytelling create wonderful, complete fantasy worlds, with complex and strong female leads. She is also credited for her skillful approach to relationships and awakening sexuality within the YA/crossover genre. Enoranta’s writing is praised as Earth-shatteringly good, linguistically beautiful, dazzling, stylish, enigmatic and dramatic.

Siiri Enoranta’s 2018 title The Burning Dark (Tuhatkuolevan kirous, WSOY, 2018) is the winner of the prestigious Finlandia Prize for the Best Children’s/YA title of the Year. The Burning Dark is her eight novel.

In October 2018 Siiri Enoranta won the WSOY Literature Foundation Award 2018, the award is an acknowledgement of her literary works, to date.

Her work The Peculiar Life of Josir Jalatva (Josir Jalatvan eriskummallinen elämä, Robustos, 2017) was nominated for the Kuvastaja Prize in 2017.Her 2015 title The Sorrow-deer Tamer (Surunhauras, lasinterävä, WSOY, 2015) won the Topelius Prize and  and was also shortlisted for the Finnish Literary Export Prize and the coveted Finlandia Prize, as was her debut title Monarch of the Omenmea (Omenmean vallanhaltija, Robustos, 2009) in 2009.

Her second title A Broken Child Sleeps (Nukkuu lapsi viallinen, Robustos, 2010) was awarded the Tampere City Literary Award in 2011 and her move into the adult fiction in her third title The Death of Giselle (Gisellen kuolema, Robustos, 2011) was duly noted with a nomination for the highly-acclaimed Runeberg Prize in 2012. Sweet Haven of Nightmares  (Painajaisten lintukoto, WSOY, 2012) was nominated for the Kuvastaja Award in 2012 and The Nettle Revolt (Nokkosvallankumous, WSOY, 2013) was awarded the Tampere City Literary Award in 2013 as well as nominated for Topelius Prize and for Kuvastaja Award.


Praise for Enoranta’s works

“A book for both young and adults with softer elements and fairytale interlaced with intriguing edginess and strong themes.” (The Burning Dark/Elina Keinänen, Aamulehti)

“A candid book dealing with issues such as being different, and death[…] A reader gets to fear for Pau’s life, and worthy and wise notions surface during this adventure. Pau learns to relinquish the uncertainties about her skills, and her looks, as she realises that she is capable of greatness.”  (The Burning Dark/Demi)

The Burning Dark by Siiri Enoranta is the most excellent Finnish fantasy literature…”  (The Burning Dark/Venla Lepänaho, Lukufiilis)

“Siiri Enoranta’s The Sorrow-Deer Tamer is impressive literature. The thoughtfully considered themes that the novel carries are power, love and humanity. The world, the gallery of protagonists and the story created by Enoranta form a dazzling kaleidoscope. This atmospheric and stylish work shows that Enoranta is among the torchbearers of Finnish literature.” – The Sorrow-Deer Tamer/STATEMENT OF THE TOPELIUS PRIZE JURY

“I can’t praise Enoranta’s writing style enough, it’s an earthshatteringly great read. ” – The Sorrow-Deer Tamer/DYSPHORIA BLOG

“[…] my mind is filled with this work of art […] most significant book of this autumn.” – The Sorrow-Deer Tamer/LITERARY BLOG KIRJAKKO RUISPELLOSSA

“Enoranta’s linguistically beautiful story The Sorrow-Deer Tamer represents well the new fantasy literature genre. The author skillfully builds an imaginary world that is both complex and multidimensional.” – The Sorrow-Deer Tamer/THE TAMPERE CITY LITERARY AWARD JURY

The Sorrow-deer Tamer is a multi-dimensional young adult novel. Between its covers are major themes, but it isn’t crushed or derailed by them and instead draws on them for adventure, suspense, and romance too. Enoranta exploits opposites, which, as they collide, are seen in a new light. Having several narrators strengthens the story arc, making it deeper and clearer.” – The Sorrow-Deer Tamer/SUKETUS BLOG

The Sorrow-Deer Tamer portrays an entire world, complete with distinct world-views and cultures. Its two continents’ populations exist without knowledge of each other, since the ties between the two were broken long ago. Crossing the sea that separates them is not only an
exciting adventure but also a journey across horizons that restrict one’s spirit and one’s way of thinking. Enoranta conducts the story from the perspective of several narrators, weaving an enigmatic tapestry of events in which nothing is predictable.” – The Sorrow-Deer Tamer/STATEMENT OF THE FINLANDIA JUNIOR PRIZE JURY

“Enoranta’s imagination and storytelling skills are admirable.” – The Sorrow-Deer Tamer/KESKISUOMALAINEN NEWSPAPER

“Combines prose and fantasy in a charming way.” – Board of Tampere City Literary Awards

“Enoranta’s language is beautifully poetic. Worn metaphors have been replaced with a fresh set of natural sentences. Enoranta’s third work is further proof of the young writer’s skills as a storyteller.” – Aamulehti

Giselle’s Death is an atmospheric, dramatic book.” – Kirjavinkit

“Her language is at the same time poetic and heavy. Images engage the language and phrases repeat themselves on purpose … Enoranta’s sentences foreshadow the evil that will soon take place.” – Lumooja

“Brings brand new elements into the field of fantasy.” – Kansan uutiset



Monarch of the Omenmea (Omenmean vallanhaltija, Robustos, 2009)
A Broken Child Sleeps (Nukkuu lapsi viallinen, Robustos, 2010)
The Death of Giselle (Gisellen kuolema, Robustos, 2011)
Sweet Haven of Nightmares (Painajaisten lintukoto, WSOY, 2012)
The Nettle Revolt (Nokkosvallankumous,WSOY, 2013)
The Tamer of Sorrow-Deer (Surunhauras, lasinterävä WSOY 2015)
The Peculiar Life of Josir Jalatva (Josir Jalatvan eriskummallinen elämä, Robustos, 2017)
The Burning Dark (Tuhatkuolevan kirous, WSOY 2018)