Saija Kuusela
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326 pages

Irreversible Acts


A psychological thriller about youthful passion and the desire to belong—but at what cost?

Sergeant Nea Guttorm leaves her small village in northern Norway and heads to her former stomping grounds to investigate a disappearance that hits close to home: her colleague’s son, Finn, who studies at the university in Trondheim, has vanished without a trace. It’s not long before a body is found. And then another. Nea’s investigations lead her to an amateur theatre group called The Seeds, whose intense rehearsals have been a lifeline for lonely Finn, but also fertile ground for jealousy and emotions running high. Has the young man resorted to irreversible acts?

Returning to the scene of her formative years in law enforcement plunges Nea back into painful memories. An avalanche has been set in motion, and there is no stopping it.


Finnish edition


Kuusela’s writing is smooth and the events in IRREVERSIBLE ACTS flow at an accelerating pace towards the finale. – Kirjaluotsi blog

Kuusela’s assured narrative and crystalline language are gripping. – Savon Sanomat newspaper

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