Ketil Selnes
Publication date
Vigmostad & Bjørke, Norway
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158 pages, age 9+

Johnny 777. Mission 1: Rio de Janeiro

Johnny 777. Mission 1: Rio de Janeiro

A fully illustrated and award-winning book series packed with humor, action and excitement!

Winner of Barnas bokpris Prize 2021 and a nominee for ARK Children’s Book Prize 2022!

Jon has recently moved to Indre Gnurtedal—an isolated small town in Norway that has no internet coverage to speak of— effectively a place where nothing ever happens. At least not to Jon. Until one day it does.

Kidnapped by an enigmatic organization T.S.O. (The Secret Organization), Jon finds himself facing an unexpected choice: to say ‘yes’ or ‘yes’, about becoming T.S.O.’s newest recruit, a secret agent, codenamed ‘Johnny 777’. Jon gives his answer and is thrust into a whirlwind of madcap missions across the globe, starting with a weekend trip to Rio de Janeiro. His partner in adventure? The enigmatic and dangerous ‘Ninja Princess’. But who is she really, and why was Jon chosen for this extraordinary role? And most importantly, will Johnny survive the dangerous first mission in Rio? He is expected to kidnap the president’s beloved cat, Fidel Castrate, so that the T.S.O can pressure the president into abandoning certain belligerent plans…

Spoiler alert* Yes, Jon does survive! And thus readers get to enjoy Johnny 777’s other exciting missions to Hong Kong, Moscow, Bergen and Los Angeles!

The coolest series of the year! Jørn Lier Horst meets Dav Pilkey and James Bond!


Norwegian Edition

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Danish (Bogoo)

Prizes & Nominations

2021, Johnny 777. Mission 1: Rio de Janeiro was the winner of the ‘Barnas Bokpris’ (children’s jury)

2022, Johnny 777. Mission 4: Bergen was a runner up for the ‘ARK Children’s Book Award’


“Makes book reading cool.” – Guri Fjeldberg, NRK Podcast “Efficient entertainment, if you ask me.” Anne Cathrine Straume, NRK

“[A] gift to all librarians and parents searching for increasingly exciting books for young readers.” –