Ketil Selnes
Publication date
Vigmostad & Bjørke, Norway
Format info
188 pages, age 9+

Johnny 777. Mission 6: Cairo

Johnny 777. Mission 6: Cairo

A fully illustrated and award-winning book series packed with humor, action and excitement!

Winner of Barnas bokpris Prize 2021 and a nominee for ARK Children’s Book Prize 2022!

– You can’t trust anyone, Johnny.
– Not anyone?
– No, you can’t.

The secret agents Johnny 777 and Ninja Princess are heading over to Cairo on a mission for T.S.O. (The Secret Organization). Ninja Princess’s dad, an archaeologist on a dig in Egypt, has disappeared. He was on the trail of Queen Nefertiti’s tomb, a tomb said to hide a great treasure. It turns out that multiple enemies are after the treasure – and then Johnny 777 discovers that even T.S.O. cannot be trusted…


Norwegian edition

Prizes & Nominations

2021, Johnny 777. Mission 1: Rio de Janeiro was the winner of the ‘Barnas Bokpris’ (children’s jury)

2022, Johnny 777. Mission 4: Bergen was a runner up for the ‘ARK Children’s Book Award’


“Makes book reading cool.” – Guri Fjeldberg, NRK Podcast “Efficient entertainment, if you ask me.” Anne Cathrine Straume, NRK

“[A] gift to all librarians and parents searching for increasingly exciting books for young readers.” –