Ketil Selnes
Publication date
Vigmostad & Bjørke, Norway
Format info
172 pages, age 9+

Johnny 777. Mission 4: Bergen

Johnny 777. Mission 4: Bergen

A fully illustrated and award-winning book series packed with humor, action and excitement!

Winner of Barnas bokpris Prize 2021 and a nominee for ARK Children’s Book Prize 2022!

T.S.O. (The Secret Organisation) has just received information about a mysterious Halloween celebration on a deserted island off the coast of Bergen. When the electric power goes out and a child after anther disappears, there are only two people around who can sort it out. The Ninja Princess draws her Katana sword and Johnny 777 puts on his his sunglasses even though it is dark.


Norwegian edition

Prizes & Nominations

2021, Johnny 777. Mission 1: Rio de Janeiro was the winner of the ‘Barnas Bokpris’ (children’s jury)

2022, Johnny 777. Mission 4: Bergen was a runner up for the ‘ARK Children’s Book Award’


“Makes book reading cool.” – Guri Fjeldberg, NRK Podcast “Efficient entertainment, if you ask me.” Anne Cathrine Straume, NRK

“[A] gift to all librarians and parents searching for increasingly exciting books for young readers.” –