Timo Parvela
Mari Luoma
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112 pages, colour illustrated, 9+

Mission Nearly Impossible 1. The Marked Child

Melkein mahdoton tehtävä 1. Merkitty lapsi

An exciting mystery about a boy who is sent on a mission to unearth who he is.

Packed with Roald Dahl-esque humour, Parvela’s compelling new mystery series asks readers to consider the world’s most interesting question: who am I really? 12-year-old Elias knows nothing of his real family until a photo and a text message, on a stranger’s phone, raises his hopes of finding out his true identity.

Scrolling through the phone he’s just found at a landfill, 12-year-old Elias comes across a photo of a couple with a baby. The tiniest pixel detail captures all his attention; the baby has a little black mark on its ankle —identical to the tattoo Elias has on his. Convinced that he is the baby in the picture, Elias is hopeful of finally learning more about his past. Life with Aunt Paula has more downs than ups and her story about having found him as a baby at the landfill outside her house has always sounded strange. What kind of parents would throw their baby out with the rubbish? Cruel ones? Stupid? Absent-minded? Or desperate? Also, what kind of parents would tattoo their baby? Maybe he’s finally able to get some answers! A sudden ping makes Elias jump: a text message! It asks the recipient to find someone. “Find Albert Steel.”

When Elias asks for more information the sender remains silent. Elias decides he must complete the mission if only to get into the sender’s good books. And how difficult could it really be to track someone down? Elias springs into action, and ropes in his less enthusiastic and doubtful best friend Mino. The two are soon joined by the feisty Molly who seems to be receiving strange messages too. Their missing person search soon turns into a dangerous mission—one that seems to scare even the hard-as-nails Aunt Paula.

“Parvela knows how to write engagingly for young readers who read little or avoid books. There is nothing superfluous, and the plot never stalls for a moment.” – Mari Viertola, Turun Sanomat


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