Timo Parvela
Mari Luoma
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Mission Nearly Impossible 2: Into Thin Air

Melkein mahdoton tehtävä 2: Savuna ilmaan

The exciting mystery continues! 12-year-old Elias knows close to nothing about who he is, but is on a mission to find out…

Elias’s past is still shrouded in a thick veil of mystery when a new text message sends him on a new mission. This time he is asked to find out who was responsible for blowing up the Albert Institute. Soon enough Elias, his best mate Milo and their new friend Molly are sucked into a whirlwind adventure and impossible situations. After an unexpected resolution, Elias is one step closer to the answer to his most crucial question: who am I, really?

Timo Parvela’s thrilling series, seasoned with Roald Dahl-esque humor, takes readers deeper into the depths of the mystery. The chilling environments of the suspenseful story, including dumps and boarding schools, are illustrated by Mari Luoma.


Finnish Edition
Full English translation of Books 1-3 set in layout

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Polish, Books 1-3 (Dwukropek)


“Parvela knows how to write engagingly for young readers who read little or avoid books. There is nothing superfluous, and the plot never stalls for a moment….…you can’t bear to put down. It would be a nearly impossible mission in itself.” – Mari Viertola, Turun Sanomat, of Mission Nearly Impossible 1