Markus Majaluoma
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46 pages, size 216 x 271 mm

Dad, Let’s Go Boating!

Isä, lähdetään saareen!

When Dad comes home from work, he is met by a trio ready for action.

“You promised to take us somewhere!” the children remind Dad. A promise is a promise, and Dad has an idea: “Let’s go to the harbour to see the boats!”

Necessary things are taken along: wellingtons, sun hats, binoculars, landing nets, maritime literature, and of course grandfather’s clock. Thus begins the hilarious day trip of the Rosewood family.

Dad, Let’s Go Boating! is written and illustrated by the artist Markus Majaluoma and describes a family that is easy to identify with. The human comedy of everyday life and unruly family dynamics are abundant in Majaluoma’s wonderful illustrations and action-packed story.

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Lithuanian (Nieko Rimto)
Danish (Turbine)
Arabic (Dar Kreidieh)
Simplified Chinese (Beijing Science and Technology Press)
Polish (Bona)
Russian (Samokat)
Hungarian (Koinonia)


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