Paula Noronen
Kati Närhi
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64 pages, colour illustrated

Night-School and the Missing Teacher

Yökoulu ja kadonnut opettaja

Going to Night-School – what could be more fun?

Except when your teacher mysteriously disappears and is replaced by a substitute who is fascinated by gloomy things… Paul, a zombie boy, and Martha, a vampire girl, are missing their teacher Miss Dread so they decide to investigate!

Paula Noronen, who has been nominated for the prestigious Finlandia Junior Award twice, is a celebrated author, columnist and comedian. The Night-School series is filled with Paula’s wonderfully wacky humour. Kati Närhi, an award-winning comic artist, enhances Noronen’s weird and wonderful humour with her inventive illustrations.


Night-School and the Missing Teacher, 2016
Night-School and the Vengeful Neighbours, 2017
Night-School: The Case of the Golden Sneakers, 2018
Night-School: The Secret Mission, 2019
A Guide to the Horrors of Night-School, 2019
Night-School and the Terrible Tooth Fairy, 2020


Age: 6+

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