Cristal Snow
Kati Vuorento
Publication date
October 2020
Format info
192 pp., Age 7+

Penny Peanutheart and the Wretched Banishment Cake

Penni Pähkinäsydän ja kauhea kadotuskakku

The utterly enchanting first book in a series about the adventures of 10-year-old Penny Peanutheart, a spirited fairy the size of a tiny thumb.

Penny’s first encounter with the fairy boy Sean is enough to set her little teeth on edge. The mere thought of that boy being her neighbour all summer is simply too much to bear! Penny and her two best friends waste no time in declaring war on the cheeky scamp and decide to bake a banishment cake to get rid of him. But the cake’s recipe is by no menas straight-forward; the ingredients include a lock of Sean’s hair, laughter, and even his tears! In order to get hold of all the ingredients they need, the girls are forced to spend time with Sean. And, once the cake is ready, Penny can’t remember why she wanted to banish the boy in the first place…

Penny Peanutheart and the Wretched Banishment Cake is a tender, warm, and humorous story that reminds us that it usually takes a bit longer to make friends, and how first impressions are not always the most accurate. Penny of course finds out the hard way.

Penny Peanutheart and the Wretched Banishment Cake marks the start of a series following the lives of Penny and her friends in Windnest Woods. These books sensitively deal with many of the issues young girls face with a splash of humour.


‘Kati Vuorento’s delicate and charming illustrations complete the delightful story.’ Turun Sanomat newspaper

‘A touching and beautiful story about friendship, told through the eyes of a fairy. The author is a talented, versatile linguist. The book also includes a healthy dose of humour, as well as surprises. Like classic fairy tales, the book reminds us that although we can make mistakes in life, the most important thing is to learn from them. Kati Vuorento’s delicate, lace-like, minimalist illustrations transport the reader into their imaginations and into the depths of Windsnest Woods. An exceptionally rounded story which we hope shall continue further.’
– Statement of the Runeberg Junior Prize Jury

‘The best stories start coming together long before they enter the world finalised, beautiful, and complete. Cristal Snow mulled over this story for a long time and, when it was ready to be told, he managed to find everything the reader could possibly need. The key ingredients of his book are the power of imagination, a warm narrative, and authenticity, as well as the emotions it evokes in its reader on their journey, including: love; irritation; and grief. I immediately knew that this is the fairy tale I have always secretly longed for; I simply didn’t know it existed.’ – Saara Tiuraniemi, Publisher, Tammi

Prizes and nominations

2020, Arvid Lydecken Prize nominee
2020, Runeberg Junior Prize nominee

Rights sold

Czech (Albatros)
Italian (Piemme)
Latvian (Zvaigzne ABC)
Polish (Nasza Księgarnia)
Russian (Polyandria)


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