Cristal Snow
Kati Vuorento
Publication date
October 2023
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232 pp.

Penny Peanutheart: Tales from the Windnest Woods

Penni Pähkinäsydän. Tarinoita Tuulenpesän metsästä

Heart is wise when it’s filled with stories! A mysterious journal fills Penny’s heart with laughter, thrills and wisdom!

When fairy girl Penny’s mother Annelie embarks on a journey, the lonely Penny  finds the key to the most mysterious book in the Peanutheart household; her mother’s special journal!

Penny simply cannot resist the temptation and is soon immersed in reliving the entertaining tales from her own childhood through stories carefully recorded by her mother; of summer and everyday life, of wonderful moments of joy, intertwined with stories of sorrow and thrilling adventures. Reading the stories fills the little fairy’s heart with emotion, and most importantly, the journal prepares Penny for the upcoming challenges—exactly as Annelie had hoped…

Early childhood events shape us and our hearts in multitude of ways and we can only really see how, later on—the same applies to Penny.

Tales from the Windnest Woods is the fourth book in the humorous  yet most heartfelt six-part series about the life and adventures of Penny, a determined, brave, sweet fairy girl growing up in the exciting fairy community of Windnest Woods.


‘ A modern fairy tale that rejuvenates the fairy genre. Penny is just like us humans; fallible, imperfect, and constantly learning. She is also brave, skilled, boundary-breaking, and thought-provoking and represents the modern cast of characters in children’s books, where it’s okay to be human…’  – Vakakoppa literary blog

’ Cristal Snow is a talented, versatile linguist. The book also includes a healthy dose of humour, as well as surprises. Like classic fairy tales, the book reminds us that although we can make mistakes in life, the most important thing is to learn from them. ’ Statement of the Runeberg Junior Prize Jury on Penny #1

’The fairy world created by Snow is complete and believable. The characters are multi-dimensional personalities. In the fairy world, there are conflicts, jealousy, and other negative emotions…it doesn’t just depict a syrupy-sweet life but also deals with difficult emotions.’ —Kirjakirjokansi literary blog


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