Kaisa Happonen

Kaisa Happonen (prev. Järnefelt) is an inventive producer of high quality content for children on many different media platforms including television, interactive digital formats and books. Kaisa’s spirit is bright which shows in all that she does. Kaisa’s Masters Degree in Drama and Communications from University of Jyväskylä has served her well as today she is one of children’s favourite tv-presenters in Finland. Previously she also performed in children’s plays and even worked as a library storyteller. Kaisa has also created a non-fiction title PLAY! (Leikki vieköön, Tammi 2014) together with Mur’s illustrator Anne Vasko, and Meiju Niskala. PLAY! is a book dedicated to playing, introducing over 50 different innovative play ideas for people of all ages.

Kaisa loves creating stories for children and in her work she finds it most helpful that she is still in touch with her inner 5-year-old-Kaisa who has never stopped marvelling at the wonders of the world.



A bear called MUR (Mur, eli karhu, Tammi Publishers 2016)
PLAY! (Leikki vieköön!, Tammi Publishers 2014)
The Magical Day (Taikapäivä, Tammi Publishers 2014)