Kristiina Vuori

Kristiina Vuori (b. 1967) toyed with the idea of writing a historical novel for over thirty years, and when she finally did, the result was The Seer’s Daughter, a vibrant journey into history’s maelstroms. Finland’s best-selling debut novel that year, it won Vuori fans across the country. Her second novel, Broken Wing, appeared within a year, and Vuori is determined her fans will never have to wait longer to read her latest. Her readers’ admiration and loyalty are evident in impressive sales figures.

Vuori, who worked formerly as a communications officer, lives in Järvenpää.



Filippa (Filippa, Tammi Publishers 2017)
Western Winds (Kaarnatuuli, Tammi Publishers 2016)
The Maidens (Neidonpaula, Tammi Publishers 2015)
Disa (Disa Hannuntytär, Tammi Publishers 2014)
Broken Wing (Siipirikko, Tammi Publishers 2013)
The Seer’s Daughter (Näkijän tytär, Tammi Publishers 2012)


Praise for the author

Kristiina Vuori has wisely approached her topic from the perspective of folklore, and does a masterful job of portraying the work of women. You won’t find a more thorough exploration of the topic elsewhere in our literature. – The author Kaari Utrio on Kristina Vuori’s debut novel The Seer’s Daughter in Viva

Kristiina Vuori really knows how to tell a story, she gets better and better with every book. – Grannysmith literature blog