Timo Parvela
Virpi Talvitie
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4-colour illustrations size 160 x 203 mm, pages 128

Purdy and Barker

Maukka ja Väykkä

Timo Parvela’s winning collection of stories will enchant the entire family.

Purdy is a cat and Barker is a dog. They live together on a sky-blue house on a hill. At the foot of the hill there’s a pond, and next to it a village that is home to their friends Chicken von Cluck, Cow Mooston, Horse Neighborly and others.

”Do you think I’m perfect?” Purdy asks Barker one day, as they were mowing the lawn. Out of the corner of his eye, Barker glanced at his friend, who was waiting for an answer, tail quivering.
”I don’t think anyone’s totally perfect,” Barker said.
”But what about me?” Purdy insisted.

The first book in the Purdy and Barker series contains 20 silly, serious stories.


Praise for the work

“One of the best books I have read this year and possibly one of the best books ever. — You will kick yourself if you miss this one.” – Bob Docherty, at Bob’s Book Blog, NZ

Bicycling to the Moon is quirky, funny and at times quite profound with it stories of friendship and the value of loyalty. […] This collection of short stories is broken up with lovely colourful illustrations making it ideal for readers from seven up, to read on their own. This is also perfect for parents and grandparents to share before bedtime. It might even generate conversations on friendships, loyalty and honesty. Love it!” – booktrailers4kidsandya Blog

“Parvela is the master of muted situational comedy. The stories are naive yet profound, and the style will speak to all sorts of readers. We can predict a succesful continuation for Purdy and Barker.”
– Marika Laijärvi, Keskisuomalainen March 30, 2009

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