Timo Parvela
Virpi Talvitie
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128 pages, 4-colour illustrations

Purdy, Barker and Bear Growler

Maukka, Väykkä ja Karhu Murhinen

Friends Purdy and Barker have found a new companion. A tiny shrew with a big name has moved in with them.

The shrew’s heart beats 800 times a minute, so it sounds like a tiny engine whose hum brings a new rhythm to the cat’s and dog’s everdyay life. The life of a shrew might be short, but it is also enviously intense.

The new Purdy and Barker book is about life. It discusses growing and aging as a natural part of life’s cycle. As always, the book is full of warmth, the
bumbling of the familiar characters, and lovable inanity.


”As we know by now, the story is full of warm-spirited, even crazy humor, but I would venture to say that this is also the most profound and touching work in the series. – –Did I find a gem of Finnish literature? Absolutely! ” Lukuhetket blog 2012

”Once again, Purdy, Barker and Bear Growler can be counted among the best of Finnish children’s literature.” Yhteishyvä magazine 2012