Timo Parvela
Virpi Talvitie
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128 pages, 4-colour illustrations

Purdy, Barker and Bear Growler

Maukka, Väykkä ja Karhu Murhinen

Friends Purdy and Barker have found a new companion. A tiny shrew with a big name has moved in with them.

The shrew’s heart beats 800 times a minute, so it sounds like a tiny engine whose hum brings a new rhythm to the cat’s and dog’s everdyay life. The life of a shrew might be short, but it is also enviously intense.

The new Purdy & Barker book is about life. It discusses growing and aging as a natural part of life’s cycle. As always, the book is full of warmth, the bumbling of the familiar characters, and lovable inanity.


Purdy & Barker, 2007
Purdy & Barker and the Giant Snowball
, 2009
Purdy & Barker Build a House, 2010
Purdy & Barker’s Big Adventure, 2011
Purdy & Barker and Bear Growler, 2012
Purdy & Barker’s Book of Stories, 2013
Purdy & Barker’s Little Book of Friendship, 2013
Purdy & Barker’s Snout Book, 2014
Purdy & Barker’s Travel Book, 2015
Purdy & Barker Have a Good Day, 2017
The Best of Purdy & Barker, 2019


4-colour illustrations
160 x 203mm

Series rights sold

Chinese, simplified (Guomai Culture & Media Co., Ltd.)
English/WEL (Gecko Press)
German (Hanser)
Hungarian (Kolibri Kiadó)
Japanese (Bunken Shuppan)
Latvian (Zvaigzne ABC)

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“…everyone who likes Winnie-the-Pooh will love meeting this new pair of friends.” – School Library Journal, USA

“You could try to find a book more gorgeous than this one, but it’ll be a waste of your time because this book already has it all.” – Luettua Elämää- blog

“This is gently humorous, finely written entertainment, which is sometimes comical and ironic, while providing a delightful and simple insight into the nature of relationships…. All in all, it’s high quality children’s literature.”– Kevin Steinberger, Magpies Magazine

“Timo Parvela and Virpi Talvitie’s Purdy & Barker is the stuff that classics are made of.” – Keskisuomalainen newspaper