Timo Parvela
Virpi Talvitie
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126 pages, size 160 X 203 mm,

Purdy, Barker and the Big Adventure

Maukka, Väykkä ja suuri seikkailu

Purdy is bored with the daily grind and Barker’s stability. Purdy wants some excitement from life!

”I want a real adventure. The kind that starts from something teeny, from some event you barely notice but leads to one that’s a little bigger, which
in turn leads to a strange coincidence that swells, unravels and in the end explodes into an adventure,” Purdy explained.

Purdy wants an adventure. But all Barker wants is a moment of peace so he can concentrate on building his miniature model of the village. And so the
dog agrees to a fateful deal. Because Purdy promises that if Barker will dig a teeny tiny hole in the driveway, he will leave his friend in peace.
How can such a huge adventure grow from such a tiny hole? You’ll find out with Purdy, Barker and the Big Adventure, where the friends meet Bear
Growler, go on a dragon hunt and save a maiden in distress. Just like you’re supposed to during big adventures.

And at the end of the story, of course there’s a treasure. The biggest, most beautiful one of all.

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