Timo Parvela
Virpi Talvitie
Publication date
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160 x 203 mm, approx. 80 pages

Purdy and Barker’s Travel Book

Maukan ja Väykän matkakirja

A delightful travel diary about a cat and dog’s holiday in Italy!

When we’re on holiday, we often reveal a totally different side of ourselves

Purdy always threatens to go south in the autumn, but this time the trip really does happen! And then there’s all the business about whether he locked the door, did he leave the lights on, and what about the chimney flue… Turns out it’s not that easy to leave home behind!

Once they reach ochre-yellow, scorching-hot Italy, both Purdy and Barker reveal new traits: Ever-practical Barker is the one who finds it easy to get used to the locals, and he copes well with setbacks. Could it even be fun to become a farmer in the green fields of Tuscany?


Praise for the work

“There’s such a great mind-set in the Purdy and Barker books, you couldn’t ask for better. The two friends may be opposites but neither one of them would be truly complete without the other. […] A brilliant book!” – Kirjojen keskellä book blog