Timo Parvela
Virpi Talvitie
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4-colour illustrations, size 160 x 203 mm, pages 78

Purdy and Barker’s Snout Book

Maukan ja Väykän naamakirja

Read the latest updates from the life of the village animals!

What happened when the young baroness Chicken von Cluck fell in love with a fox? What happened when Donkey Brayton tired of his own voice? Did Cow Moomulch’s hammer land in exactly the wrong spot? How did Purdy and Barker end up living in the sky-blue house at the top of the hill?

Purdy and Barker’s Snout Book contains funny, touching, exciting, and strange stories about the residents of this tiny town. We also hear a wilder-than-wild story about how Purdy and Barker’s unlikely friendship came about.

PLUS! Purdy and Barker’s very own series will premiere on TV in autumn 2014!