Timo Parvela
Virpi Talvitie
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109 pages, 160 x 203 mm,

Purdy ja Barker Build a House

Maukka ja Väykkä rakentavat talon

A perky little rooster finally emerges from Chicken von Cluck’s egg, and the entire village rejoices. But the things aren’t going as well for the cat and the dog.

As a result of a Christmas storm, Purdy’s and Barker’s house is sliding off the hill. Living in a titlted house is tough, because coffee cups won’t stay on
the table and you have to nail the rugs to the floor. And so the friends decide to relocate the house back to its proper place at the top of the hill.
It’s not as easy as it sounds, because the house is full of things that are hard to move and easy to break. Like, for instance, friendship, which is put to the test as Barker works his tail off Purdy dreams up castles in the sky – made with a little marble, why not?

The third Purdy and Barker book tells of a friendship between two creatures that is so strong that it moves an entire house.

“Even though the stories take place in the animal kingdom, the humanity of the narrative will appeal to adults as well as children.”  – Yhteishyvä magazine, 2010