Paula Noronen
Kati Närhi
Publication date
July 2022
Format info
64 pages, colour illustrated throughout, age 6+

Night-School: The Scary Game

Yökoulu ja pelottava peli

The tenth book in the series finds the Night School’s pupils in a serious situation. They’ve been scaring the ordinary children at dusk, and vice versa. The Night-School and the Ordinary School’s principals decide that it’s time for the children to face each other and overcome their prejudices.

”We’re just ordinary monsters, there’s no need to be scared of us!”

The Night‐School series:

Night‐School and The Scary Game, 2022
Night-School and The Giant Zombie, 2022
Night‐School and The Musty Trusty Mould, 2021
Night‐School and The Creepy School Trip, 2021
Night-School and Ghastly Ghost Train2020
Night-School and the Terrible Tooth Fairy
, 2020
A Guide to the Horrors of Night-School, 2019
Night-School: The Secret Mission, 2019
Night-School: The Case of the Golden Sneakers, 2018
Night-School and the Vengeful Neighbours, 2017
Night-School and the Missing Teacher, 2016