Virpi Talvitie

Virpi Talvitie’s (b. 1961) first art position was as newspaper and magazine illustrator. She began her career in children’s book illustration in 1998, and since then she has grasped all areas of children’s book illustration: she has illustrated lyric poetry for children, non-fiction, short stories, novels for children, easy readers and old folk tales, as well as poetry books for adults and a small work of prose.

Virpi Talvitie’s technique uses oil pastels, which she combines with crayons and watercolours. The airiness and freshness which characterise her style often are gradually revealed by scratching through different layers of colour.

The award-winning author Timo Parvela and Virpi Talvitie received the Finlandia Junior Prize in 2006 for their delightful work The Seesaw (Keinulauta), which explores the themes of friendship and dissimilarity through the mind of the little bear Pi.

Talvitie has been nominated three times for the Hans Christian Andersen Award, in 2006, 2008 and in 2012, and she has been awarded the WSOY Literature Foundation Award in 2010, and the Mikkeli Illustration Triennial Prize in 2011.

Works (illustrations)

The Seesaw, Keinulauta (WSOY 2006)
Merry-go-round, Karuselli (WSOY 2008)
Purdy and Barker, Maukka ja Väykkä (Tammi 2009)
Purdy, Barker and the Giant Snowball, Maukka ja Väykkä ja mieletön lumipallo (Tammi 2009)
The Lucky Wheel, Onnenpyörä (WSOY 2010)
Purdy ja Barker Build a House, Maukka ja Väykkä rakentavat talon (Tammi, 2011)
Purdy, Barker and the Big Adventure, Maukka ja Väykkä ja suuri seikkailu (Tammi 2011)
Purdy, Barker and Bear Growler, Maukka ja Väykkä ja karhu Murhinen (Tammi 2012)
Purdy and Barker’s Story Book, Maukan ja Väykän satukirja (Tammi 2013)
Purdy and Barker’s Snout Book, Maukan ja Väykän naamakirja (Tammi 2014)