Timo Parvela
Virpi Talvitie
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Ella & Friends Ahoy There!

Ella ja kaverit hiiohoi!

Cruises are a once in a lifetime experience — at least if Ella and her friends are on board! 

Ella’s teacher is determined to plan a summer holiday with his wife, away from his students. But when it comes to Ella and her friends, one thing is clear. A summer holiday without their teacher would be like a cruise without a captain! A calm start to the journey soon turns into a familiarly exciting adventure.

“Are we sure we’ve got travel insurance?” the teacher asked.
“You have to relax. Cruise ships are really safe,” his wife reassured him.
“I’ve packed a few extra life jackets in our suitcase.”

“I hope you’ve remembered to pack a change of clothes, your book and your toothbrush,” the teacher’s wife smiled gently.
“I remembered, but I didn’t pack them. The life jackets took up all the space.” 
“Well, you can borrow from me.”
“I can’t.
Your bag’s got an inflatable inflatable boat in it. It’s full.”

Timo Parvela (b.1964) is the number one children’s author in Finland and Ella & Friends is his longest standing series. He is a true master of capturing how children think in familiar situations and he always does it with a sense of humour and a touch of magic.


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B&W illustrations
Ages: 7+


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The Ella books have been published in Arabic/ME, Belarusian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Sámi and Persian.