Paula Noronen
Kati Närhi
Publication date
March 2022
Format info
64 pages, Colour illustrated throughout, age 6+

Night‐School: The Shocking Zombie Giant

Yökoulu ja järkyttävä jättizombi

Night‐School series offers a perfect mix of scariness and crazy fun with the creatures of the night! A firm favourite among 6+ readers.

Giant Zombie is causing havoc at Night School and in town! But wait a minute! The giant looks alarmingly like Paul Zombie’s little brother! Toddler Robbie’s sleep pattern is all over the place and he is no longer sleeping during the day like normal creatures of the night. Robbie manages to scare the whole class when he visits the Night School in his sleep deprived toddler state. Chemistry teacher Polly Potion tries help and gives him a sleep mixture but had mixed up her potion bottles! Instead of sleeping, Robbie grows gigantic. And now his brother Paul, vampire girl Martha and the other Night School pupils have a sleep-deprived Giant zombie toddler in their hands! Imagine a toddler the size of a tanker. The gigantic yet absolutely senseless toddler heads into town and picks up some cars and buses to play with…


Finnish Edition
Series presentation in English
Book 1: Full English Translation in layout
Book 7: Full English Translation in layout

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