Kati Närhi

Kati Närhi (b. 1973) is a Finnish illustrator and a comic book artist, with a BA from the Helsinki Academy of Arts and Design. She has also studied Comparative Literature and Aesthetics at the Helsinki University.

In 2015 she won the Graphic Novel Finlandia Prize for her third instalment in the Agnes trilogy, The Seventh Guest. Her work has been nominated for the prize three times.

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The Seventh Guest (Seitsemäs vieras,WSOY 2015)
The Black Marsh Mystery(Mustasuon mysteeri,WSOY 2012)
The Secrets of Fern Grove (Saniaislehdon salaisuudet,WSOY 2010)
Alvin Springsnout and the Lost Friend (Alpi Kevätkuono ja kadonnut ystävä, a children’s book, WSOY 2006)



Night School and the Missing Teacher (Yökoulu ja kadonnut opettaja, a children’s novel by Paula Noronen, WSOY 2016)
Angry Birds: The Attack of the Monster, Rovio Books 2014
Angry Birds. A Pig from the Stars and Other Stories, Rovio Books 2014


Prizes and awards

2015 Graphic Novel Finlandia Prize