Timo Parvela
Mervi Lindman
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138 pages

Ella & the Superstar

Ella ja paterock

Ella has lovely friends and classmates at school and a great teacher.

Everything would be fine but for the possibility of her classmate Pete having to repeat first grade instead of moving into grade two like everyone else in the class. And another thing that is causing concern for the children is that Teacher might be evicted from his home.

The problem with Pete is that he doesn’t know his multiplication tables. But he doesn’t see any point in learning them either. What would he, a future rock star, do with them? Surely his manager would always take care of the figures and accounts.

And the problem with the teacher? His dogs, Ko and Yote, howl during the night and Teacher’s landlord now howls at Teacher and plans to evict him.

Thankfully Thomas hatches a great plan. The children just have to get Teacher a boat! Teacher can live on the boat with his dogs and sail the world. And obviously he won’t be able to make Pete repeat the year at school while he is away sailing. Pete could even give his debut performance as a rock star at Teacher’s farewell party! Pete will instantly become famous, get a manager, and won’t need to learn his multiplication tables. The whole class thinks Thomas is a genius.

Timo Parvela (b.1964) is the number one children’s author in Finland and Ella & Friends is his longest standing series. He is a true master of capturing how children think in familiar situations and he always does it with a sense of humour and a touch of magic.


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Ella & Friends Ahoy There!, due 2020
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Ella & Friends as Kings, 2019
Ella & Friends in Concert, 2018
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Ella & Friends in the Woods, 2013
Ella & the Lost Pointer, 2012
Ella & the Great Deeds of Sampo, 2011
Ella & Friends Have a Party, 2010
Ella & the Night Knight,
Ella Hits the Jackpot, 2009
Ella & F1, 2008
Ella & the Seven Sillies, 2007
Ella – Watch Out for the Children!, 2006
Ella at Sea, 2005
Ella & the Superstar, 2004
Ella in Lapland, 2003
Ella at Night School, 2001
Ella & the New Boy in Class, 2000
Ella & Pete, 1999
Ella & the Holiday Camp, 1998
Ella on a School Trip, 1998
Ella in the Theatre, 1996
Ella & the Blackmailer, 1995


Black and white drawings

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The Ella books have been published in Arabic/ME, Belarusian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Sámi and Persian

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“Parvela is in in his element. Gorgeous blundering that keeps you entertained.”– Anita Ruckerbauer, BN-News, Germany

“The Ella books are one of very few book about school that you even want to read during the holidays!”– Die Zeit, Germany

“Guaranteed nonsense and deliusions with Ella and her friends!” – Stéphane Larue, France

“Clever, genuinely funny… with a perfect dose of emotion.”– Savon Sanomat newspaper