Timo Parvela
Pasi Pitkänen
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96 pp

Pete and Megasound

Pate ja megamökä

The 11th Pete book sees Pete on stage in Stockholm, Sweden!

Pete is tired, dog-tired. And so is Totti, his dog. A mysterious nighttime drumming is causing them to lose sleep. Senja helps them find the source of the disturbing soundwaves and rejoices when the sound leads them to a secret rehersal studio where Megasound, the most awesome band in the universe is practising.

But when Megasound’s racket seems to drive away the earthworms, even Senja agrees that the band must be silenced. Pete’s uncle appears and devises an ingenious and courageous plan that requires them to form Pabba, their very own band. After many unexpected events, robberies, and reunions, Pabba steps on stage for its first gig…


Finnish edition

Prizes and nominations

2017: Pete’s Football Book nominated for the Lese-Kicker Prize (Germany)
2016: Pete’s Fishing Book winner of the Runeberg Junior Prize

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