Timo Parvela
Pasi Pitkänen
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108 pp

Pete and the Space Games

Pate ja tähtien sotku

It could only ever happen to Pete! In a cosmic twist of fate, Pete, Senja and Totti-the-Dog find themselves further from home than ever; in space!

It could only ever happen to Pete! When the world is held ransom, its fate falls into the nervous, excited and somewhat dirty paws and hands of Pete, Senja, and Totti-the-Dog.

Our favourite trio of the most unlikely heroes of all has so far managed to foil many threats to nature and animals (both real and previously- thought-mythical), in many corners of the world. But space?! It’s  the furthest they’ve ever ventured, but Senja does love an adventure so why not?!

But forget intergalactic weapons as the secret weapon of choice on this mission might just be the good old children’s games… And somewhat unexpectedly the “Tag! You’re it!” -shouts reverberating through cosmos give rise not only giggles, but also to hope!

Pete books are fun and exciting adventures of primary school pupil Pete who has an uncanny ability to end up on the most exciting adventures. Pete and his friend Senja, and his dog Totti, always stand on the side of all that is fair and just in the world. Their adventures mostly take place in faraway places and often feature animals and ancient myths and natural treasures of our world, while proceeding to expose and foil the terrible plans of one very wicked pirate. In Pete books kindness, compassion and friendship always triumph!


Czech (Portál)
Hungarian (Cerkabella)
Latvian (Zvaigzne ABC)


Finnish Edition

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