Timo Parvela
Pasi Pitkänen
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Pete and the Savannah Heroes

Pate ja savannien sankarit

Pete lives life on the wild side!

The hugely popular Pete is on an adventure in the dangerous Savannah!

In the Pete series’ seventh installment, Pete builds a hot air balloon with his friend Senja. Their plan is to make the journey to school as fun as playing a game. But their first flight doesn’t exactly go to plan when Pete, Senja, and Pete’s wise dog Totti end up in Botswana instead of the school playground! In Botswana they encounter incredibly beautiful and diverse wildlife, as well as a horrid poacher who hunts down wild animals in the area. Pete is, once again, out to save the world!

The easy-to-read Pete series by author Timo Parvela (b. 1964) and illustrator Pasi Pitkänen (b. 1984) continues to be hugely popular, combining thrilling storylines, wonderful humor, and skilful artwork. Pete is familiar to children as Ella’s classmate, but his own series has captured children’s and adult’s imaginations alike.


Pete’s Blog, 2014
Pete’s Football Book, 2015
Pete’s Fishing Book, 2016
Pete’s Treasure Hunt, 2017
Pete, the King of the Jungle, 2018
Pete and the Monster of Black Ness, 2019
Pete and the Savannah Heroes, 2020


Black and white illustrations
Age: 7+


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Czech (Portál)
German (Hanser)
Estonian (Ajakirjade)
Hungarian (Cerkabella)
Latvian (Zvaigzne ABC)
Polish (Widnokrag)