Timo Parvela
Pasi Pitkänen
Publication date
Tammi Publishers
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104 pages, B&W illustrations

Pete’s Treasure Hunt

Pate aarresaarella

Pete’s Uncle has sent him a present. It’s a black one. With MINEDET-TERRA- XP-150c-woof-GEO written on it. The letters glow in the dark. Or maybe it is just Pete who glows, such is his delight! Uncle has sent him a real treasure! Well, almost. The box contains a metal detector that would help Pete find one!

A long-lost samurai sword is waiting to be found in Japan and Pete joins his Uncle in the hunt for this ancient treasure. But why is Uncle so keen to find it? Soon it transpires that someone else is also after the sword but who could it be? An amazing adventure ensues!

And since the book is about Pete, the story is filled with wonderfully weird, surprising and funny twists and turns!

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German (Hanser)