Timo Parvela
Pasi Pitkänen
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96 pages, B&W illustrations

Pete’s Fishing Book

Paten kalastuskirja

There’s nothing fishy about this fun adventure! Pete, a familiar character from the Ella series, has plenty of fans around the world.

Pete is sporty, kind-hearted and a bit forgetful, but everybody likes him. In this book, he and his dad head off to Norway on a fishing trip, but not everything goes according to plan.

Pete’s Fishing Book is designed to be very easy to read. Pasi Pitkänen’s unique, comic-like illustrations are a perfect match for the story. The previous books in the series – Pete’s Blog and Pete’s Football Book – are much loved by girls and boys, parents and teachers alike.


Pete’s Blog, 2014
Pete’s Football Book, 2015
Pete’s Fishing Book, 2016
Pete’s Treasure Hunt, 2017
Pete, the King of the Jungle, 2018
Pete and the Monster of Black Ness, 2019
Pete and the Savannah Heroes, 2020
Pete and the Alaskan Treasure, 2021


107 pp
Black and white illustrations
Age: 7+


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Prizes and nominations

2017, winner of the Runeberg Junior Prize

Series rights sold

Czech (Portál)
German (Hanser)
Estonian (Ajakirjade)
Hungarian (Cerkabella)
Latvian (Zvaigzne ABC)
Polish (Widnokrag)