Timo Parvela
Anni Nykänen
Publication date
July 2024
Format info
80 pp, age 7+

Ella & Friends: Saviors of the Baltic Sea

Ella ja kaverit Itämeren pelastajina

Everything flows into the Baltic Sea!

When Sam’s Batman ring gets lost in the toilet, Ella and her friends follow it all the way to the Baltic Sea.

“This is a sight for sore eyes,” the teacher sighed. “And for the nose,” Hanna added, inhaling the fresh air. “The ears can rest too,” I noted, listening to the calm swishing of the waves. “Even my mouth is resting,” Tiina marveled, licking the brackish water from her lips. “While others are resting, Batman keeps watch,” Sam pointed out.

During their tracking mission, the children realize that the entire Baltic Sea needs saving, not just the ring.

This book is created in collaboration with John Nurminen Foundation, specializing in protecting the Baltic Sea. Besides a fun story, the book contains information about the sea and instructs us how we can work together to take care of the sea and its organisms.

Ella and Friends: Saviors of the Baltic Sea is the 40th title in the hugely popular ELLA series!


Finnish edition

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