Pasi Pitkänen
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168 pages 4-color illustrations , 9+

Kepler62 – Book Three: Voyage

Kepler62 kirja 3: Matka

KEPLER62 is now reaching warp speed! Voyage is the third volume in this epic series.

“It’s time. Be a credit to the human race.” Old General Livingstone bids farewell to the children who are about to be launched from ravaged Earth into outer space in search of new worlds that could support life. A shuttle takes the young voyagers to a launch pad, where three spacecrafts await them: the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa María. Olivia, a young doctor, is in charge of the expedition. Ari begins to suspect they have not been told everything about the tasks they will have to perform. A long voyage into the unknown stretches out before them.

The bestselling authors from Norway and Finland; Bjørn Sortland and Timo Parvela, got together with the inventive and talented Illustrator Pasi Pitkänen, and united their remarkable skills to create the Kepler62 series.  This breath-taking adventure spans over six titles in Season1, to tests friendship, brotherhood, and courage in the unexplored reaches of the outer space. Kepler62 has been published simultaneously in Finland and Norway, and is already reaching children in all corners of the world as rights have been sold to 15 languages to date. TWO TRIBES kicked off the Season 2 of Kepler62 The New World in 2018. Book 2 THE ISLAND and Book 3 THE WHISPERERS’ LAIR will be published in 2019.

Colour illustrated

Series titles

Season 1 – Kepler62:
Book 1 INVITATION, 2015
Book 2 COUNTDOWN, 2015
Book 3 VOYAGE, 2016
Book 4 PIONEERS, 2016
Book 5 VIRUS, 2017
Book 6 SECRET 2017

Season 2 – Kepler62 The New World:
Book 1 TWO TRIBES, 2018
Book 2 ISLAND, July 2019
Book 3 WHISPERERS’ LAIR, September 2019
Book 4 publication in July 2020
Book 5 publication in September 2020

Reading materials
English translation, set in layout
Finnish/Norwegian/Czech/Dutch/Estonian/Faroese/French/Hungarian/Icelandic/Korean/Latvian/Turkish/Spanish Editions

Rights sold
Czech (Host)
Dutch (Clavis)
Estonian (Ajakirjade kirjastus>HeaLugu)
Faroese (Bókadeildin)
Finnish (WSOY)
French (Nathan)
German (Kosmos)
Hungarian (Pagony)
Icelandic (Bókabeitan)
Korean (Jaeum&Moeum)
Latvian (Zvaigzne ABC)
Norwegian (Piggsvin)
Simplified Chinese (Mysterium)
Spanish (Grupo SM)
Turkish (Can Publishing)

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