Kepler62 Kloonit Terra
Timo Parvela
Pasi Pitkänen
Publication date
September 2021
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185 pp

Kepler62 Season 3 TERRA Book 1: The Clones

Kepler62 Tuotantokausi 3 Terra. Kirja 1: Kloonit

TERRA — the much-awaited third season adds a further two titles to the immensely popular Kepler62 series!

The third season, Terra, follows the young Kepler62 settlers as they return to Earth. Artificial intelligence has taken over their home planet, but the children are not ready to give up on hope for mankind to survive.

The spacecraft Gaia has landed on Earth, and the return is tougher than the young travellers could have imagined. Vegetation is withering away, and the despotic artificial intelligence that dominates the planet has driven humanity to the brink of extinction. The friends also wish to learn the fate of X’s father and cloned siblings. Joni’s new skills are beginning to blossom and that gives the children some renewed hope. But can one wonderboy truly save the world singlehanded?

The Kepler62 series of pioneer children settlers sent into space has been garnered with success both domestically and internationally. The series comprising of  a total of 13 books has been translated into more than 20 languages and over 185,000 copies of Kepler62 books have been sold in Finland to date.

Prizes and nominations

2021, Nominated for the Finlandia C&YA Prize


Finnish edition
English translation sample (chapters 1-3)


‘A compelling reading experience based on the masterful interplay of text and image. Together, the unique world of illustrations and strong, skilfully crafted story are guaranteed to delight. Inspired by the gaming world, the narrative hooks the reader in quickly. The jury is especially pleased with the skilled creators’ ability to come up with new twists for the series.’ – Statement of the Finlandia C&YA Prize Jury



Series information

Season 3: Kepler62 Terra

Book 1:  Season 3: Terra. Book 1: The Clones, 2021
Book 2: Season 3: Terra. Book 2: The Heart, 2022


Season 2: Kepler62 The New World
Book 1: Two Tribes, 2018
Book 2: The Island, 2019
Book 3: The Whisperer’s Lair, 2019
Book 4: The Cave, 2020
Book 5: Gaia, 2020


Season 1: Kepler62
Book 1: The Invitation, 2015
Book 2: The Countdown , 2015
Book 3: The Voyage , 2016
Book 4: The Pioneers, 2016
Book 5: The Virus, 2017
Book 6: The Secret, 2017