Pasi Pitkänen
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Kepler62 – Book Two: Countdown

Kirja kaksi: Lähtölaskenta

Second part of the bestselling series! Be part of the story – An adventure awaits!

All around the world children are trying to complete all levels of the game Kepler62. In Norway, Marie, the 14-year-old daughter of a wealthy arms manufacturer, uses some unorthodox methods to beat the odds and win. But to win what? She is flown to Area 51 in Nevada to join a very select group of children who are in training for space travel and more. The group is preparing to leave the Earth for a quest to settle on a faraway planet Kepler62e which should, or rather might, be capable of supporting life. Area 51 lives up to its reputation: Marie discovers a Whisperer, an imprisoned alien. The Whisperer warns her about going on the space voyage. But Marie shall find that dropping out is not a viable option.

The bestselling authors from Norway and Finland; Bjørn Sortland and Timo Parvela, got together with the inventive and talented Illustrator Pasi Pitkänen, and united their remarkable skills to create the Kepler62 series.  This breath-taking adventure spans over six titles in Season1, and tests friendship, brotherhood, and courage in the unexplored reaches of the outer space. Kepler62 has been published simultaneously in Finland and Norway, and is already reaching children in all corners of the world as rights have been sold to 15 languages to date. TWO TRIBES by Timo Parvela and Pasi Pitkänen has just been released in Finland and Norway, to kick off the Season 2 of Kepler62 which shall contain five titles. Book 2 of Season 2 is written by Bjørn Sortland and illustrated by Pasi Pitkänen, publication in 2019.


Awards, nominations

ARKs Barnebokspris, nomination 2015 (Norway)

Series titles

Season 1 – Kepler62:

Book 1 INVITATION, 2015
Book 2 COUNTDOWN, 2015
Book 3 VOYAGE, 2016
Book 4 PIONEERS, 2016
Book 5 VIRUS, 2017
Book 6 SECRET 2017

Season 2 – Kepler62 The New World:

Book 1 TWO TRIBES, 2018
Book 2 publication in 2019
Book 3 publication in 2019
Book 4 publication in 2020
Book 5 publication in 2020

Reading materials

English translation, set in layout

Finnish/Norwegian/Czech/Dutch/Estonian/Faroese/French/Hungarian/Icelandic/Korean/Latvian/Turkish Editions

Rights sold

Czech (Host)
Dutch (Clavis)
Estonian (Ajakirjade kirjastus>HeaLugu)
Faroese (Bókadeildin)
Finnish (WSOY)
French (Nathan)
German (Kosmos)
Hungarian (Pagony)
Icelandic (Bókabeitan)
Korean (Jaeum&Moeum)
Latvian (Zvaigzne ABC)
Norwegian (Piggsvin)
Simplified Chinese (Mysterium)
Spanish (Grupo SM)
Turkish (Can Publishing)


Praise for the work

“The details and the plot of Parvela and Sortland’s ambitious series are carefully polished. The series gets off to such a flying start that it is impossible to resist the pull of its most extraordinary world.” – Savon sanomat, newspaper

“Right from the very first book, Parvela and Sortland bring up many themes that add depth to their dystopia, while the book is still primarily an entertaining and fast-moving novel. In this case, the entertainment and fast-moving plot are advantages as Kepler 62 also draws in the kinds of children who tend not to enjoy books. But also bookworms like the collaboration between Parvela, Sortland and Pitkänen. After all, who doesn’t love a well-written adventure?” – Lumiomena blog