Christel Rönns
Publication date
January 2018
Format info
120pp, 8+, colour illustrated

Wills & Nelli: Julia the Schemer

Risto Räppääjä ja juonikas Julia

A rapping rascal is on the run!

Wills and Nelli meet Julia, a girl who raps, plays guitar, and even performs her own gigs. Julia hears one of Wills’ raps and thinks it’s better than her own. She decides to perform Wills’ song – and it becomes a hit! Wills is flattered by the attention and writes another rap for Julia.

Soon enough Nelli realises that Julia is taking advantage of Wills and, along with Auntie Rose and Auntie Fran, she tries to intervene.

But Julia gets caught up in her own scheming and, before long, the reason for everything is revealed…

The Wills & Nelli books by Sinikka Nopola (b.1953) and Tiina Nopola (b. 1955)  have been popular in Finland for over 20 years. Now films, plays and songs that are based on the books are further increasing their popularity. 


W&N: Shy Elmer, 2019
W&N: Julia the Schemer, 2018
W&N: The Artist Within, 2017
W&N: Something in Common, 2016
W&N: The Unusual Suspects, 2015
W&N: The Scrooge of Seville, 2014
W&N: The Lookalike, 2013
W&N: Nelli’s Plight, 2012
Illustrated by Christel Rönns

W&N: Wills’ New Dad, 2011
W&N: Star Struck, 2009
W&N: The Last Ice-Cream, 2007
W&N: A Gaming Frenzy, 2006
W&N: Teacher’s Pet, 2004
W&N: The Persistent Pimple, 2003
W&N: Dandy Andy, 2002
W&N: Freezer Fran, 2001
Wills & Nelli, 2000
Wills McFinn and the Horrible Sausage, 1998
Wills McFinn, 1997
Illustrated by Aino Havukainen & Sami Toivonen


Colour illustrated
Age: 8+


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Arabic (Dar Al Saqi)
Brazilian (Sds Editora)
Bulgarian (Faber)
Danish (Turbine)
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Estonian (Varrak)
Finnish, Sámi (Abc-Company)
French (Pocket Jeunesse), six book deal
Hungarian (Cerkabella)
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Lithuanian (Nieko Rimto)
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Spanish (Santillana)
Swedish (Bonnier Carlsen)
Turkish (Altin Kitaplar)


“The enduring popularity of Wills reflects the fact that Sinikka and Tiina have managed to keep their readership happy… the Nopolas are masters of charming storytelling and skillful language.” Savon Sanomat newspaper