Christel Rönns
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Tammi Publishers
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96 pages, 8+, colour illustrated

Wills & Nelli: The Unusual Suspects

Risto Räppääjä ja yöhaukka

While on holiday, Wills and Nelli come across an archeological dig. When a valuable snake ring disappears from the site, Alfred Lindberg is suspected of theft. During the following two nights two other thieves, or “nighthawks,” are spotted at the dig. Is Aunty Fran involved  – or Wills, who is beginning to bear a resemblance Indiana Jones?

Wills & Nelli Series

W&N: Shy Elmer (2019)*
W&N: Julia the Schemer (2018)*
W&N: The Artist Within (2017)*
W&N: Something in Common (2016)*
W&N: The Unusual Suspects (2015)*
W&N: The Scrooge of Seville (2014)*
W&N: The Look-alike (2013)*
W&N: Nelli’s Plight (2012)*
W&N: Wills’ New Dad (2011)
W&N: Star Struck (2009)
W&N: The Last Ice-Cream (2007)
W&N: A Gaming Frenzy (2006)
W&N: Teacher’s Pet (2004)
W&N: The Persistent Pimple (2003)
W&N: Dandy Andy (2002)
W&N: Freezer Fran (2001)
W&N: Wills & Nelli (2000)
*Illustrated By Christel Rönns
Titles published before 2012 illustrated By Aino Havukainen & Sami Toivonen